What Brings Our Teachers Together?

Who are our teachers and what common threads bring our teachers together?

RPIA connects rock star teachers from across schools to create a transformative teacher learning space that empowers teachers to empower their students. We tackle systemic problems rooted in the toxic message that low-income students of color are meant to be kept under control: actively disrupting that system and restoring all that can be with students takes work. We seek out teachers with the qualities we believe are necessary to carry out this complex work and rebuild power with students.

It’s awesome to be with a group of educators who get it. We all love our students and we all have a deep desire to improve our practice. Everyone in this groups makes me a better educator.


RPIA Teacher

Our Cohort Voices

Eva Worsley
Eva Worsley11th Grade, Overbrook School for the Blind High School
RPIA gives me a valuable space to collaborate with classroom thinkers and problem-solvers. RPIA challenges me to think creatively and design new systems to better support my students.
Raechyl Hurst
Raechyl Hurst5th Grade, Cassidy Elementary
I have always wanted to be on this track of excellence with my students, and I’m glad I’m in RPIA because this group gives me the tools to push the track forward.
Brenda Jones
Brenda Jones4th Grade, Alain Locke Elementary
I want to be an effective lifelong teacher, and I know that I need to be in a supportive and strong group of educators if I am going to succeed long term. RPIA brings together teachers who support me and push me to be the best teacher I can be for my students.
Tanika Hines
Tanika Hines5th Grade, Cassidy Elementary
RPIA inspires me. I believe in the mission and see the impact of the program on my students’ empowerment.
Amy Didona
Amy Didona6th-8th Grades, Overbrook School for the Blind
As I step into a teacher leader role at my school this year, I was looking for a program that would really push me to grow. RPIA gives me great ideas to keep growing as a teacher and a leader.
Sarah Boudwin
Sarah Boudwin6th - 8th Grades, Overbrook School for the Blind
RPIA was an opportunity brought to me and a colleague to join other dedicated teachers in our area. So far, I have learned so much and cannot wait to see my students’ progress.

What Does it Take to be an RPIA Teacher?

All RPIA Teachers share four qualities that bring them together.

With these foundational qualities, RPIA Teachers build upon each other’s strengths and take their teaching practice to the next level. Together.

Apply to Be an RPIA Teacher

Strong Classroom Management

An RPIA Teacher already has a well managed classroom where students are consistently on task. An RPIA Teacher knows there is something more to achieve in the classroom and is ready to push past this level with their students.

Asset-Based Mindsets

An RPIA Teacher focuses on the strengths of their students, their parents, and their school neighborhood. An RPIA Teacher is known for the way they respect their students and families.

Exemplary Implementation

An RPIA Teacher can be counted on to implement new teaching strategies in the classroom. An RPIA Teacher holds themselves accountable to deadlines and expects other educators to operate with similar levels of professionalism.

Reflective & Coachable

An RPIA Teacher questions their teaching practice daily, always seen asking themselves and others how they can keep improving. Good enough is never good enough for an RPIA Teacher.

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