What Does Success Look Like?

What does success look like in the RPIA program, how do we measure it, and what are our goals?

Philadelphia Impact Goals


Double the students at 95% attendance


When students feel like valued community members in the classroom, they are more likely to attend school. Presence in school is the foundation for growth in academics, behavior, and leadership.

Academic Growth

Double the Average Growth Index


Empowered students know how to advocate for the best learning experiences and build a classroom space that accelerates their academic growth.


Growth in student leadership indicators tailored for each school


Student leadership development in the classroom is key to both reduce destructive behaviors and amplify constructive behaviors. Students who feel ownership in the classroom work to develop skills that cultivate and maintain the positive community they seek.

District Climate Survey

Double positive response percentage


Students who work with teachers to create a learning community feel more connected, respected, and valued in school.

Teacher Retention

90% RPIA teachers stay and cite our program as a reason


When teachers feel more successful and more supported, they stay. Teachers who stay have the capacity to amplify their impact on students and teachers across the school community.

Impact Report

We value and model integrity in our communities: one way we show this value is to share our impact with the members of our community. As we evaluate our impact in our Philadelphia Pilot Year, we encourage you to review our RPIA Evaluation Plan. Our Evaluation Plan details our focus areas for impact monitoring and reporting in the 20-21 school year.

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I felt like I was part of a community all working towards one goal: to empower our students and help create an environment for them to best learn and meet their highest potential.


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