The RPIA Board Members

Our Board of Directors bring diverse skills, perspectives, and life experiences to the table as we all work together to create and sustain excellence in our organization. This excellence includes the decision to always have an RPIA Student, currently represented by Jaleel, and an RPIA Teacher, currently represented by Andrew, as board members. We are proud to sit alongside each other in this work as we build Restorative Practices in Action.

Claire Miller
Claire MillerFounder and CEO
I believe in our work at RPIA because I believe in the voices who inspired it. It is an honor to partner with the educators, parents, and community partners who have shown me what is possible when people come together to empower students.
Mary Brooks
Mary BrooksBoard Member
RPIA is one of Gods miraculous plans. I was able to experience it first hand in the beginning of 2022 as an intern digital marketer. Reading RPIA purpose and mission drew me in closely. The passion and the willingness to build a safe place for our youth and also, help heal the hands that touch them. It’s such an amazing thing to see and experience. With the love I have for kids and our youth, I knew it was destiny to be apart of RPIA.
John Paul Brennan
John Paul BrennanBoard Member
I would like to deepen my relationships within the education community in the city that I love and call home. I care deeply about fighting against educational inequity and would like to return to my roots after a decade-long journey in education. Ultimately, it’s about helping students achieve transformative life outcomes no matter where they come from.
Sharifa Edwards
Sharifa EdwardsBoard Member
Coming Soon!
HaMy Vu
HaMy VuBoard Member
I joined the RPIA board because I believe that we must center students in the movement for educational justice. I am inspired by RPIA’s effort to connect teacher learning and student voice as well as our lived practice of shared leadership at all levels.
Natalie Williams
Natalie WilliamsBoard Member
Students of color deserve educators who believe in their leadership and act accordingly. RPIA is an organization working to radically transform urban classrooms: I am passionate about this type of school transformation that I deeply believe needs to happen nationwide.
Andrew Demuro
Andrew DemuroBoard Member
I joined the RPIA board in an effort to fundamentally shift the narrative around what transformational classroom culture looks, sounds, and feels like in American education.
Tynecia Wilson
Tynecia WilsonBoard Member
As a product of the public school system, I have identified the opportunities for improvement within our schools. I believe in student empowerment, student voice, and providing resources for those that nurture the minds of our future leaders; educators. I am joining RPIA to inspire, educate and change the system for generations to come.

Director of Program Design and Implementation

Victoria Rodriguez

“As an educator and a school leader, I am committed to creating equitable learning opportunities for diverse populations of students. I have worked alongside families, community partners, administrators, and instructional staff for the past 12 years to ensure students have access to instruction that is inclusive, dynamic, and engaging. My unique background in urban and special education will support the collaborative work I engage in as RPIA’s first Director of Program Design and Implementation.”

A student’s voice becomes the most pivotal part of their ability to advocate for themselves in and out of the classroom.

RPIA Coaches

Our RPIA Coaches are previous RPIA Teachers who were selected by their peers as teacher-leaders who go above and beyond to empower their students and embody our organization’s core values. RPIA Coaches continue their work as teachers and co-facilitate our monthly cohort sessions, serving as examples of what it looks like to bring our mission to life in the classroom.

Amy Didona
Amy DidonaOverbrook School for the Blind, Middle School
Dan Kessler
Dan KesslerHead of Operations, Freire Middle School
Jane Hoffler
Jane Hoffler8th Grade English, Memphis Street Academy
Joshua Chaney
Joshua ChaneyK-8 Dean, Overbrook Educational Center
Karen Davies
Karen DaviesHS Science, Phoenixville Area HS
Kate Webb
Kate Webb6th Grade Math, Freire Middle School
Robyn Joyce
Robyn JoyceKindergarten, Cassidy Elementary
Ryan Donovan
Ryan DonovanHS Math, Phoenixville Area HS
Sarah Waslow-Washington
Sarah Waslow-WashingtonCassidy Elementary, 2nd Grade

Our Student to Staff pipeline actively recruits and trains Philadelphia high school students.

Student to Staff Pipeline

Radically Preparing Changemakers

We are committed to challenging the status quo of the education system in everything we do: including who and how we hire. In partnership with our RPIA Community Partners, we actively recruit and train Philadelphia high school students to join our team as a Student to Staff pipeline participant.

Through this program, we seek to manifest our mission as students begin as paid interns while still in high school before becoming independent contractors who take on more hours and then full time staff members if they choose to apply for the roles that will be created in our growing organization.

Support RPIA Teachers

Give the gift of leadership and learning!